Your intraday trading assistant for US equities on the iPad

See the market. Clearly.

Go where the action is. Understanding how stocks relate to each other has never been easier on iOS.

Custom Portfolios

Build large custom portfolios and keep track of them intraday. MarketMatrix makes it easy to navigate between custom asset groupings.

Report Alerts

Don't get caught off guard by economic report releases again. MarketMatrix voice alerts keep you warned in advance so you can better manage your risk.

Abnormality Detection

Is it the broad market or is it your stock? With just a few taps, you can figure out why that one stock isn't quite acting right relative to its peers.

Market Insight

Most apps will show you the news, but they don't help you build market intuition. MarketMatrix makes it easy to understand what drives a stock price.

Dynamic Visualizations

Markets are dynamic. Market visuals should be too.

Elegant User Interface

A single tap. That's all it takes to explore price-drivers.

Built for Traders. Informative for Investors.

Traders want to see as much information on as few monitors as possible. Investors want quick summaries. MarketMatrix delivers both.

Clean Aesthetics. Flat Style.

Less clutter. More price information. It's time apps were designed for traders.

Reactive. Responsive.

Inter-asset relationships displayed elegantly. Relative valuation relevant to you.

A simple, intuitive interface

MarketMatrix provides asset information to you in a tile grid. The tiles animate and respond to the market as the market changes. One of our design objectives was to make as much information visible to traders as possible at all times; our interface is designed to keep you in-the-know. See for yourself:

MarketMatrix: Available in the App Store.

MarketMatrix is free and available for Apple's iOS 8. You can take advantage of its features today by downloading it from Apple's app store.

About Us

MarketMatrix is produced by Edgecapture Software LLC, a company dedicated to providing tools and insights for traders and investment managers. We are proud to be based in Illinois.

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